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The Way To Rachel’s Heart Is Through the Golden Arches – Throwback Thursday #6

In case I have never mentioned it, I am a fatty.  I mean not on the outside, I keep my fatness on the inside where it counts (and leads to cardiac disease). 

Since I was a tiny little child, I have LOVED junk food, as evidenced by me chowing down on the French fry.  I mean I look a little miserable, but I am fairly certain that is because someone is taking my picture as I stuff my face with fattening food.  Plus no one gave me any ketchup.

According my my mom and grandma, “French fry” or my baby variation on it (fre-fry), was one of my first words.  Apparently when we would be driving along, and I would see the golden arches, I would start say “Donald’s! Fre-fry! Donald’s! Fre-fry!” like a crazy person.  I don’t remember any of this, but given my penchant for deep fried potatoes, I don’t think they were exaggerating.

My mom actually fed me fairly well as a child (as well as anyone could in the late 1980’s before the internet had taken its hold on society and we had an overwhelming abundance of conflicting health information) but I guess French fries are like heroin, addictive.  I still eat way more McDonald’s then someone with my knowledge of health should do, but my knowledge of health is much more theoretical than applied.  My sister is now equally obsessed with McDonald’s and 99% of the time, when we talk on the phone, the topic of McDonald’s is brought up by one of us.

Do you have Throwback Thursday post?  Share the link in the comments so I can check it out!  No link?  Just share your favorite food story from your childhood!  🙂 

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