My First Day Of School – Throwback Thursday #5

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This weeks picture is from my first day of Kindergarten.  That would have been September 1992.  I was SO excited to start school, and quite disappointed that Kindergarten was mostly playing and coloring.  I could already read, and wanted to do classwork.

Anyway, on my first day of Kindergarten I rode the bus.  Actually that really surprises me.  Knowing my mom, I would have thought she would take me for the first day.  The bus picked me up directly across the street from my house.  After school I got on my bus and the bus driver told everyone to sit quietly.  I was pretty much the only kid that listened.  As it turned out, my after school bus stop was a couple houses down from where I lived.  I didn’t realize that, so I stayed on the bus.  My mom was waiting for me with my little sister, who was about 18 months old at the time.  When I didn’t get off she managed to stay calm, and ran down to the next bus stop.  When I didn’t get off then either she started to panic.  So she ran back home and called the school (who told her that I had gotten on the right bus) and my dad (who I hear made it home in record time).

Meanwhile I was a little confused as to why we drove by my house, but since the bus driver had told us to be quiet, I remained quiet.  Eventually he asked me where my stop was, and I said well, my house was way back there, but you didn’t stop.  So he finished the last few houses on his route and took me back home to my frantic mother.

I was not upset at all, and was quite proud that I was “The first one on, and the last one off!”.

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