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Keeping It Classy

I like to think I am classy.  But then I think of the long list of unclassy things I do, and realize its just wishful thinking.

Classy ladies do not (but I do):

  • Go outside in their pajamas (to let the dog out or turn on/off sprinklers) while holding their arm across their boobs so no one can see they are not wearing a bra.  They probably don’t go outside in their pajamas at all.
  • Let their yard get over ran with weeds.  Seriously, I work on the garden area, but all the stupid flower beds are COVERED in weeds, and they come back like crazy.  I hate to admit it, but Michael and I are going to be using poison spray for everywhere except our food garden.  Its just overwhelming!  
  • Let their grass get almost a foot tall (or at least the weeds).  We don’t have a mower (Michael is working on rebuilding an old one his friend gave him.  We also don’t have a truck, so we have to wait until our generous friend is able to bring his over for us to borrow.  So we have the worst yard on the block.
  • Think that a ponytail is a suitable substitute for a shower some days.
  • Wear jeans to church.  Especially not churches where the men all wear suits and the women wear dresses.  
  • Think that their husband’s boxer shorts (which he just wears as shorts when he is around the house, not underwear) are an acceptable alternative for a slip under skirts.
  • Have their bra straps show.  

And the one that got me thinking about this:

  • They do not use their dog run as a clothesline.
    Yup, I should just accept it, I am not classy, I am trashy!

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