Answered Prayers

This is actually going to be a running list of prayers that are answered in my life.  Sometimes, because my big prayer (a baby) doesn’t get answered, I feel like God isn’t listening, so I think this will be a great way to keep track of all the awesome things God DOES do in my life!

-My brother had started down an not so great path at the end of high school and his first year out of high school.  I prayed that he would change his behavior before it was either to late, or it bit him in the butt.  He recently joined the Army and called me when he got out of boot camp and said that he had stopped doing one of the unsavory things he was doing and that he had been going to church every Sunday!  Hopefully he continues down his new path.
-Michael and I had started watching Weeds on Netflix (yes this one is weird…) and while it started out alright, it quickly got WAY out of hand, since Showtime and HBO seem to think they need to add massive amounts of swearing and some “soft-core” porn to their shows.  They also started to insult Christians on a regular basis, and I felt like we shouldn’t watch it anymore.  I tend to be a naggy wife, and am often telling Michael we should make better choices.  I decided to leave this one up to God and prayed that if he didn’t want us watching the show anymore, he would have Michael decide that we shouldn’t watch it, so I don’t have to be a bossy-britches.  A couple of days later Michael decided we shouldn’t watch it anymore!

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