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How To Drink More Water

I am currently in the middle of a trial separation from soda.  Except that is a lie, its more like a hiatus, because I know at the end of the month, I am going right back to drinking the poisonous, HFCS laden, GMO laced garbage.  Because it is delicious.

But the saddest part of not drinking soda is that I am freaking thirsty ALL the time.  I know supposedly soda dehydrates you, but as someone that drinks more soda than water, I am not sure that is true.  So I have to really make an effort to drink more water.

These are my top tips for getting more water into your “diet”:

  • Keep it handy.  Yes, buying bottled water can seem wasteful and ridiculously expensive, but its one of the best ways I have found to drink more water.  I reuse one bottle for about a week, but its nice to be able to just grab one sometimes.
  • Keep it cold.  Maybe this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I LOVE freezing cold water.  The closer to its solid state the better.  We keep a gallon jug in the fridge, and I tend to refill a bottle with the gallon and then stick it in the freezer.  Ice in a glass would probably work just as well, without as much chemical leeching. 
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal.  This is supposed to help you lose weight as well, but for me, it is just a chance to get in a little extra water, because sipping it throughout the day doesn’t always get me as much as I should have.
  • Take it with you.  I don’t always drink more water when I take a bottle with me, but sometimes I do.  This one would work better if you were not obsessed with drinking icy cold water like I am.
  • Make sure it tastes good.  Most people have city water, and it tastes nasty, what with the chlorine and fluoride and whatever else is in it.   If you are lucky and have a spring (or maybe a well, but that is pretty hit and miss) your water is already delicious.  If not, consider buying it from the reverse osmosis machine at the grocery store.  Its about 35¢ at the grocery store and tastes great, without any chemicals in it.  It also doesn’t have any minerals, so you might want to take that into account.
  • Worst case scenario:  Buy some of those little packets that flavor your water and have a sort of combination of soda and water.  It won’t sparkle, but it will taste pretty good.  It has lots of chemicals, and probably isn’t much better for you than soda, but you can drink a lot of it for very, very few calories.  Starting off with a full packet and weaning it out completely might work.  You could also add lemon, or lime, or something to your water, but I don’t particularly like that.

Now its time for my Friday Favorites, the best posts I have read this week.  I don’t know that they were all originally published this week, but that is when I read them.

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