Hey, Macarena -Throwback Thursday #4

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Today’s picture might just be the most embarrassing picture I have.

This picture is from 4th grade, so it was either 1995 or 1996.  There was a talent show at my school.  And somehow my friends and I thought that the Macarena was a talent.  My mom took us shopping for matching shirts, I don’t remember why we all picked different colors…  I remember being a little distraught over who should stand in the middle, Charlene because she had a turtleneck under her shirt, or Heidi because her pants were lighter.  Yeah, even then I was weird and bossy.  I have no idea who decided, or why the decision was made.  Looking at it now, I realize that since my shoes were white, I probably could have stood in the middle too.  Yup.  Still crazy.

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