Whatever Wednesday

Even With Toddlers, Silence Can Be Golden

I am sure you have seen one of these before.  It might have looked slightly different, or have been worded slightly different, but it was generally the same idea. 
I get that they are kind of funny, and in some cases can be quite true.  But not always, and it seems like kind of a cynical take on caring for small children.
I have mentioned before that I have been blessed with daycare kids that are very well behaved.  Last summer when I was watching all three kids, I was putting the baby down for a nap while the girls (both two years old at the time) were playing in the playroom.  He was a fussy baby so it took awhile and when I went into check on the girls this is how I found them:

Yup, snuggled up in bed reading Dr. Seuss (or at least a not-quite-as-good abridged version) quietly.  I have been able to have them play quietly in their playroom since they were about 20 months old.  I mean every once in a while I would have to break up a fight, and I had to help them clean up their toys, but I never came in and found them climbing the shelves, or ripping up books, or even just taking the flash cards off the wall.   Sometimes when I watch other kids, it throws me off how much I have to stay on top of them to keep them from scaling the furniture.
I have no idea why both girls I watch(ed) are so well behaved.  I don’t really care why, I just am happy they are so awesome!  Actually I care a little, whatever it is that their parents, or I, or some combination of all of us, did that made them so easygoing, I would like to know what it is, so I can use the tricks on future kids!

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