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Betty Boop Pajama Pants

I have two pairs of Betty Boop pajama pants.  So when I was given some Betty Boop fabric, I knew I had to make Hadlee some pajama pants.  Plus what else are you going to do with Betty Boop fabric?  I mean its not exactly a classy fabric choice for a dress or something.

Anyways.  I used Simplicity 9184, which was made in 1970.  I made a couple of alterations, because it isn’t actually a pajama pattern.  The legs on mine are both longer and wider.  Longer because Miss Hadlee is a tall little girl, and wider because who wants tight pajama pants?  I think they turned out pretty cute, and the hem is gigantic, so if her mom wants to re-hem them later she can probably wear them for years.

The shirt is actually maybe a dress?  I can’t tell, because it is to short to be a dress and to long to be a shirt.  Maybe its a tunic for over leggings?  (I didn’t make the shirt, its from a Wittlebee box I once got) But I thought it was a better match for showing off the pajamas than the Doc McStuffins shirt she was originally wearing.

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