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Vintage Style – For Teens Only March 1968

Welcome back to Magazine Monday!  Today I am adding pictures from the fashion spread in For Teens Only from March 1968.  I have to wonder how indicative of teenage fashion in the late 60’s this really is.  I mean lots of magazines have horrible clothes in them, but you never see “real people” wearing those atrocities.  If you click on the pictures you can see them much bigger, and read the full caption.  I left them tiny so it didn’t take so long to scroll through.

Because I am always hoping that my husband will have one of his eyes forcibly fall out of his head just by looking at my awesome clothes 😛

The first picture is a pretty wearable dress.  Well except it is purple, yellow, and orange.
The next dress is white polka dots on brown, much more subdued.  But that doesn’t change that the dress looks like a tent…
Oh a nice striped shirt and black pants, nothing abominable there.  Until you realize the shirt is green and yellow stripes and the pants are green.
I think this plaid monstrosity is probably the one that makes him gouge his eyes out, which must be where they got the title from.

If he digs HARDWARE he will definitely dig this all yellow ottoman knit.  Yup, that is a selling point for me.
This one doesn’t say the colors, but I think its kind of cute.  We will pretend its nice neutral colors, instead of the red and yellow it probably is 🙂
The dark coat is described as “straight as an arrow and just as deadly to his heart”.  Were they aiming to attract guys, or maim them?

Blue floral paisley dress.  Probably atrocious, but in all honesty, I would probably wear it.

This last one is of two different fur coats.  I know wearing fur was unlikely to get you covered in red paint (or worse) back in 1968, but I still thought it was expensive.  Did teenage girls regularly wear fur?

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