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Reversible Baby Skirt

I really want to be able to sew without patterns.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE patterns.  I look for them every time I go to a fabric store, or even better, a thrift store.  I own dozens of them.  I just really love the idea of someday being able to sell what I make, without worrying about copyright infringement and  lawsuits  and stuff.

So I decided to make this reversible baby skirt.  Is it perfect?  Not at all.  Just looking at the pictures you can see the mistakes.  Plus I think its a little to wide for how long it is, but since I plan to make a diaper cover to match I am not to worried about it.

I am pretty proud of myself.  I am sure I have seen tutorials for this before, and I know my friend Brittany has made scads of them.  But I didn’t ask her for help, or view a tutorial while I was doing it.

Next time I make one I think I am going to take photographs while I make it so I can post my first (only?) tutorial. 

Do you use patterns when you sew, or do you make your own? 

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