For Teens Only, Magazine Monday, vintage

Vintage Advertising – For Teens Only March 1968 – Ads

For the next however long until I forget or run out of vintage magazines, on Mondays I am going to post pictures from vintage magazines.  I am REALLY creative, so I am calling it “Magazine Monday”.  Hey if you have a better name, let me know 🙂
A couple of years ago I ordered some vintage magazines off of ebay.  $2.06 with free shipping is less than I pay for a new magazine at the grocery store (well once a year when I buy one anyway) so it seemed like a good deal.

One of the magazines I got was For Teens Only from March 1968.  This is what it looks like.

What stands out the most to me is the way you can tell all the pictures were literally cut and pasted over the words.  I don’t know if you can click and see it bigger, but if you can you should 🙂

I am pretty sure the ads are my favorite part of the magazine.  I am hoping you can click on them to see them bigger.  They are just so random.  No nail polish, no name brands, just weird little companies with PO Boxes wanting your money for what is probably crap!

Who markets anything having to do with spider veins to teenage girls?
Is that even safe?
Because truth in advertising is over-rated…

Any bets on how awful this looked?

You don’t want to be to short (I am pretty sure that girls can just wear heels, but maybe they are supposed to but them for their boyfriends.  Wow, what an ego boost!), to fat, or to skinny. 

And no room is complete without Wide Eyed Dancing Kids

Come back next Monday for more awesome vintage pictures.

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