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The Metaphorical Ninth Month

Michael and I took the classes required to become foster parents in April.  They were a month long, so by the end of April we were done with them.  Our certifier (social worker that comes and makes sure our home is safe and stuff) had some medical leave so we didn’t get a visit from her until the end of May.  At that visit we were told that as soon she got the paperwork filed we would be certified to take emergency placements.

We also had to get our fingerprints taken (which doesn’t involve ink anymore!), but she said that if our background checks came back clean we would be able to take placements before the fingerprint results came back (our backgrounds are both squeaky clean).  She said we could expect a call anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.  WHAT?!?!?  We also would need to have a full homestudy done (where they look into your life and home with more detail) sometime in the next six months, sooner if they place a child with us.  My friend told me that they got a placement so quickly that they actually took the kids with them to get fingerprinted.

So hypothetically we COULD get a call at any time (heck I am writing this on Friday afternoon and not publishing it until Sunday morning, maybe we will have a placement by the time this goes live!) but we have no idea when.  I am likening it to being 9 months pregnant.  You know you will have a baby soon, but you cannot pinpoint when.  Only difference is that I don’t have swollen feet and can sleep peacefully through the night.  I mean I have never BEEN nine months pregnant (or even one day pregnant) but I am drawing the comparison anyways.

Patience is not my thing.  Apparently God has decided that I should work on that.  No matter how I go about trying to have a baby in my life (while we would love to adopt from foster care, we realize that the ultimate goal is to reunite children with their birth family, and want to help them go home unless it is unsafe for them to do so) my patience muscle is exercised.  Which is why sprinkled throughout this post are the Bible verses  and quotes related to being patient.  Because I need to remind myself, and I might as well remind anyone else who needs it.

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