Sincerely Pure Healthy Skin Care Review!

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My friend Melissa runs Sincerely Pure, a company that makes natural, organic products at affordable prices.

Sincerely Pure is an awesome company that you can feel great about buying from.  All of her products are made at home, and she refuses to sell anything that isn’t a good deal.  As is that wasn’t enough, 10% of all profits are donated to charity.

You can purchase from her at the Sincerely Pure Etsy Store or you can contact her on the Sincerely Pure Facebook Page. 

I was given a sample of the products I am reviewing, but the fact that I received free product does not change the fact that the review is 100% my own opinion.

Peppermint Glisten Lip Gloss:
This lip gloss is only $3, which is a pretty amazing price for handmade, organic lip gloss.  It comes in 3 colors (rose, clear and mocha) and 2 flavors (peppermint and orange).  I tried the Peppermint flavor in clear.  It looks awesome, and smells even better.

Healthy Skin Moisturizer:
I ❤ this stuff!  It is only $5, which is a great deal for moisturizer, even if it wasn’t organic and all natural.  It feels great to put on your skin and leaves your skin very soft.  It is oil based, so it is a different consistency than most commercial products.  Although it is oil based, I have not experienced any breakouts or anything from using it.  Melissa really researches what she uses in her products to make sure they are high quality and safe.  I am actually on my second bottle of this, because I left the first bottle at my dad’s house and didn’t want to be without it (which if you know me, and my lack of consistency in using beauty products, you know that means a lot!).  The only drawback (and this is only in my opinion) is that I am not in love with the scent.  It is made with essential oils, and I find the floral smell to be a bit strong.  But scent is a very personal thing, so I am sure most people will love the smell.

Lavender Face Scrub:
This stuff smells AWESOME!  It is much different than whatever it is you are using now, because it is a dry scrub.  You just get your face wet, pinch a little out, scrub your face, and rinse it off.  It has real dried lavender flowers in it, which makes for a cool spa-like experience if you use it in the bath tub, because you will have flowers floating in the water.  This face scrub is also just $5.

One lucky winner will receive a Sincerely Pure Healthy Skin – Skin Care Kit.  This includes a Healthy Skin Mask, Healthy Skin Moisturizer, Lavender Face Scrub, and Healthy Skin Toner.

Congratulations Kathryn M! 

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