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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well if you are me, the answer is: Quite Poorly!

This is my first year with a real garden.  I have tried container gardening.  Which was an epic fail due to a stand-off between my husband and I.  He didn’t want to have any of our plants go to waste so he refused to let me thin them unless I wanted to transplant the ones I was removing.  So nothing really grew as big as it should have.  Or to really a very edible level.

Cucumbers.  And you know, weeds…

This year I have a fairly big garden, and if Michael builds the last garden box sometime this month it will get even bigger.  I mean June is pretty late for planting, but my seed packages say its okay.

The big plants are sunflowers.  You know the one thing you don’t really eat.

But I am not really a gardener.  The only thing that seems to be growing okay is the strawberries, and we got those as plants.  Plus the slugs or some other nasty bug is eating them as soon as they get ripe.  Everything else is pretty tiny for having been planted for about a month and a half.  I am not sure my garden will be fruitful.

Strawberries.  The Mason jars have beer in them.  To get the pests drunk I guess?  I have heard it attracts slugs and then they die.

Of course this is mostly my fault, as I don’t much care for weeding.  In fact one of our garden beds that we filled with dirt from the ground as opposed to a bag is more like a weed bed than a garden bed.  I also am vehemently opposed to using chemical fertilizers or weed/pest killers, which doesn’t help things for a lazy gardener like me.  All I can say is thank God I live in a time when my ability to produce food doesn’t have anything to do with my ability to survive.

The weed bed.  I wish ALL the weeds would go live in this one bed.  That would be very helpful!

Do you have a garden?  Is it doing quite a lot better than mine?

Mixed Lettuce

I would also like to start something where I share a few of my favorite blog posts I have seen this week, and will do this every Friday (until I forget that is).  Since I just decided to do this, I don’t have very many, next week I hope to have five.

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