There Is A Little Something On Your Face… – Throwback Thursday #2

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Baby Sister is adorable, my outfit on the other hand is incredibly embarrassing…  To say nothing of the baby vomit all over my face.

This picture is of my little sister Noelle and me.  This was from sometime in 1996.

I loved playing with my baby sister.  I am 9 years older than her, so I was able to be more interactive with her as a baby than I had been with my other younger siblings.  So I was holding her up in the air over my head, playing “airplane”.  The following conversation (or something quite like it) occurred between my mom and I.

Mom: Rachel, she just ate, you probably shouldn’t do that.
Rachel: No, she burped she will be fine.
Mom: It really isn’t a good idea.
Rachel: But she is having so much fun.
*Noelle proceeds to spit up all over Rachel’s face*
*Mom runs and grabs a camera*
Mom: I told you not to do that after she ate.

One of the best examples ever of “Mommy Knows Best”

Did you have a time where you really should have just listened to you mother?  Or a time when you just had to grab a camera?

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4 thoughts on “There Is A Little Something On Your Face… – Throwback Thursday #2

  1. This is just so perfect to highlight what we were talking about in our family yesterday. When Our twins were babies, I used to carry them at the same time, one arm around each of their tummy, and I was warned that they way I held them may make someone spit-up! Well, it didn't just happen once, but twice. I guess am arm tightly over the stomach is a no-no!! "Look out!"Don't worry~ everyone dressed like that when they were 9! Very cute! Have an amazing day, Rachel 🙂

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