One Of My Greatest Accomplishments

As you may or may not know, making chocolate chip cookies is NOT my thing.

Pretty much every time I make them they either turn out like this:

Yup, a sad pile of cookie mess that has to be scraped off of the cookie sheet

Or just kind of hockey puck like.

But since they are the only cookie I really like (other than snickerdoodles.  Why do I never make snickerdoodles?), plus it is the best cookie dough ever, I try to make them at least twice a year.  This time I had a success.  In case you are doubting the believability of my chocolate chip cookie fails, I present the following conversation:

After he got home and tasted them (and by taste I mean ate like six) he told me I should blog about it LOL)

To make these cookies I used The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Betty Crocker.  I omitted the nuts.  And I didn’t use the full amount of chocolate chips because I like eating them so some were missing.

Hadlee helped me make them
Oh my goodness, look at this delicious looking dough.  How I manged to save any of it for actually cookie baking is beyond my comprehension 🙂

Soft, edible chocolate chip cookies!

It is pretty ridiculous how proud I am of these cookies, I really feel like I should never make them again, and quit while I am on top. 

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