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I Might Have Made A Shirt…

The patter I used. Circa 1980

Today I decided to do some more sewing.  Hadlee wanted another dress (I mean she didn’t ask for one, but was really excited when I suggested it) and I wanted a project.  I also wanted something kind of quick as I intend to start sewing myself a dress soon.  So I decided to try stretch knits.  Now I have only tried them once before and it was an EPIC failure.  But I didn’t know I needed a ball point needle, plus I was using an old sheet or shirt or something not fabric.  This time I used a brown striped jersey that I got from my friend Melissa.
I used Simplicity 9422, which is a SuperJiffy pattern from 1980.
So I cut out the fabric last night and this afternoon I got to sewing.  Now the whole project came together very well, although I did make two mistakes.  The first was that the “keyhole” is only supposed to be in the front, I misread the instructions and put one in the front AND the back.  The keyhole was also my downfall.  I couldn’t get my marker to work, apparently the hot weather dried it out, and my pencil wouldn’t draw on the stretch knit, it just kept stretching it.  So I ended up doing it freestyle, which is far from ideal.  Plus you are supposed to press it under and top stitch it, but I couldn’t get it to work so I just left it.  Whatever.
You are also supposed to use a drawstring, not a shoelace, but I had the shoelace lying around, and I don’t have any drawstring, so I think it works pretty good.
Since this pattern is a size 3 and Hadlee wears a size 5, I made it a few inches longer, but kept it the same basic size, because she is thin.  As you can see from the pattern picture the dress is supposed to have an elastic waist to give it some definition.  I was trying to decide where to put the elastic, since I couldn’t just go off the pattern.  I held it up to me to see how long it was, and realized it was the perfect length for a shirt!  So I did what any (in?)sane person would do and put it on.  
I hate my bangs.  If I ever contemplate getting bangs again, and you happen to hear me talk about it, please do anything in your power to stop me!
It is a little to tight, I will have to add a couple inches when I make myself a shirt intentionally
It actually fit pretty good, although as you can see, the seams were stretched a little further than they should be.  I think it is really cute though, and now I almost don’t want to make it a dress for Hadlee.  I think I will finish making it a dress on Monday, after I can see where to put the waistband.  I also think I will cut another one out of the same fabric, but a little bigger and leave it as a shirt for me!  
Now THAT is a versatile pattern!
I am not sure its possible to look normal in a picture that you are taking using the self timer.  You are always like, “Hmm, what do I do for the next 6 seconds while I wait to see how it turned out”.  Pretty sure this is the best one though.

I thought it had taken, obviously I was mistaken 🙂

Trying a different angle.  My hair looks better in this one.  I wish my sister Noelle were at my house, she would totally take as many pictures as it took until I got one I liked.  Michael will take one and tell me its fine, so I just have to take my own.

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3 thoughts on “I Might Have Made A Shirt…

  1. John always takes one or two and says it's fine even though it clearly looks terrible…. but then gets annoyed if I try to take pictures of myself… silly John. Thanks for Tagging me. I'm glad you were able to use the fabric.I really like this. What a great pattern! That's way awesome!!

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