Let’s Go To The Zoo! – Throwback Thursday #1

So I guess Throwback Thursday (or #throwbackthursday) is some big thing on Twitter and Instagram.  Now I am not particularly active on Twitter, and I’m not even sure I have an Instagram account, but I am a sucker for Nostalgia!  This is completely different from the “Flashback Fridays” I was doing earlier, where I would re-post my old blog entries.  No, Throwback Thursdays are a wonderful idea, where you post a nostalgic picture (preferably AT LEAST 10 years old!  I mean 2011 isn’t really that far back yet).  So every week I will be posting something from the past.  Most of the time it will probably be an old family picture and a short story to go along with it, but sometimes it might be a post about some toy, movie, or television show I loved.

To kick it off are some picture of me at the Oregon Zoo (actually back in 1989 when I am pretty sure these pictures were taken, it was called The Washington Park Zoo).  Right now the zoo is running a picture contest, where you can enter pictures of the zoo in the past.  If you win the prize is:

“The photo with the most votes will be featured in an exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society this fall, tracing the zoo’s progress from a small collection of exotic animals at a downtown pharmacy to a national leader in conservation, education and animal welfare. In addition, the zoo will select 125 winning photos based on originality, historical value and the number of votes received. Each winner will get a stainless steel water bottle commemorating the zoo’s 125th anniversary.”

Basically I could be a zoo celebrity!  Okay not really, but it would be something really cool to win.  So if you would click here and vote for my picture I would REALLY appreciate it!  

Commence picture of me being cute:

My aunt holding me up to look at something

My cousins and I riding a dinosaur

My mom and me

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One thought on “Let’s Go To The Zoo! – Throwback Thursday #1

  1. Such cutie pie pictures! I love this 'throwback thursday' idea! And obviously I don't even pay attention to twitter or instagram, since this is the first I've heard of it! So thank you!!! Hope you win the contest… if it is based on cuteness you've got it in the bag. xoxo julesps, thanks for coming by and commenting on my foot washing station … I appreciate it!

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