Becoming a Crazy Hippie Lady

There was a time, not so long ago, that I would have thought I was crazy.

If you had told me when I was 18 or so just how crunchy I would be, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

An example:
Once I watched an episode of Wife Swap that had one family that brushed their teeth with butter (among other things like only eating raw food, chicken included).  I thought this was gross, and highly unhygienic.  Now I wish that I had $50 to buy some butter oil to brush my teeth.

My crunchiness began with my self education on childbirth, and then moved into almost every aspect of my life.

My toothpaste?  Fluoride free
My deodorant?  Aluminum free
Feminine Hygiene Products?  Reusable (TMI post coming soon!)
Shampoo/Conditioner?  Unreasonably expensive natural products
Moisturizer?  Great stuff from Sincerely Pure
Potential Parenting Style?  Cloth diapers, home births, breast feeding, non-vaxing, baby-wearing, non-circumcising, etc.
My Garden?  Free from any herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and mostly planted with organic seeds

Basically I am a crazy hippie.  Now I am not a Nazi about it.  If nothing else is available I use the chemical-laden toothpastes and deodorants, when we are broke I buy cheap shampoo from Target, and when I am going out I wear disposable feminine hygiene products.  My garden has some Miracle Gro soil, because that is what Michael bought and some conventional seeds, because my mom bought some for me.  Plus I eat tons of crappy processed food.   I just think that IDEALLY the closer to the way God made/designed something, and the least man-made interference the better.  My ideals and my actions don’t always line up exactly.

My hippie parenting is greatly stifled by the fact that I can’t get pregnant.  As a foster parent many of the decisions will be made with no input from me.  I also can’t give birth at home if I can’t get pregnant.

It is funny to me how much someone can change.  I don’t think who I am as a person has changed, just my opinions on things.  As you learn, you have to decide if what you just learned is true and/or applicable, and change your views of the world based on the new information if you believe it.  My goal is the learn all that I can about the things I care about, and hopefully be able to share my knowledge with in a respectful, hopefully somewhat entertaining, manner.

Have you changed drastically at some point?

Pre-hippie Rachel on the left, Hippie Rachel on the right

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8 thoughts on “Becoming a Crazy Hippie Lady

  1. Just found your blog and thought I should say hi! I went to school briefly with your sister, I believe. Anyways, I love finding blogs from fellow crunchy ladies and I hope to follow along to see you become a mama one way or another! Molly@MaeLiveFree

  2. Since your birth story (have not finished it yet) says that you were living in Marsing, Idaho, I am sure you knew either my brother (Tad) or one of my sisters (Megan and Noelle). Marsing is a pretty small school. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, and taking the time to comment 🙂

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