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How To Earn Spare Change Online Without Spending a Penny or Getting Out of Your Pajamas (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared three of my favorite sites for earning money and/or gift cards.

Click here to see yesterday’s post

Today I will share with you another awesome place to earn!  I know these posts sound like a stupid scam, but I promise I have gotten great rewards from all of these places, and they are not giving me anything to share these with you.  Well unless you sign up and are sweet enough to list me as a referral (which I hope you do!).  I planned on listing three more today, but will end up making this a trilogy in the near future 🙂  But like the original trilogy, not the prequels.

Recyclebank is a website that encourages “green” or eco-friendly living.  You earn points by taking quizzes, learning about recycling, or in some areas you can even earn money BY RECYCLING!  It is pretty awesome and you can learn some interesting information.  They do not pay cash, but they give you points, which can be spend on coupons, gift cards, or magazine subscriptions.  The gift cards TAKE forever to earn, but the magazines are easy.  I am subscribed to about 10 magazines from them at any given time, including Good Housekeeping, People, and Car and Driver (for Michael).  Click here to join.

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