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How To Earn Spare Change Online Without Spending a Penny or Getting Out of Your Pajamas (Part 1)

Everyone spends way to much time online right?  Okay, maybe just me, but everyone could use more money right?  I have made TONS of money online (please note that I think paying more than $10 for a pair of jeans is outrageous and therefore our ideas of “TONS of money” might vary), and am going to share with you where I have done that!

Keep in mind that this stuff is INCREDIBLY easy to do and therefore doesn’t pay well.  But it does pay, either in gift cards, cash, or rewards.  If you sign up for any of these services, could you please say that I referred you (I’ll give you my user name/email address/referral link) so I can get some extra points or money.

ChaCha is a service that lets people text questions and then “guides” answer the questions.  The pay is practically nothing (literally 2 cents a question), but you can run the application in a tab while you do whatever you usually do on the internet (like Facebook or Pinterest) and when a question comes up you can answer it.  Some of these questions are obviously asked by unsupervised teenage boys, so beware of that when you sign up.  Apparently they are not currently hiring, but you can be put on a wait list so you can be notified when a position opens.  My user name on ChaCha is Rachel817.  You can sign up to be wait listed at

MyPoints is awesome.  You don’t get cash, but you can get gift cards to numerous places, which I have done.  Basically MyPoints send you ads, surveys, and coupons.  You click on the ad, complete the survey, or print and use the coupons and then they give you points.  You can also get MAJOR bonus points by buying things online through the MyPoints website, at retailers like WalMart, Best Buy and Old Navy (and hundreds more).  You can sign up at this link and it should give me credit.

Inbox Dollars:
Inbox Dollars give you cash for reading ads and filling out surveys.  Small amounts of cash, but I have made some money off of this site.  If you click on the banner that will list me as the referrer.  I seem to be having some issues with the banner, so I will have to remove it for now…

Check back tomorrow for more of the website I use to make money online.  Also please note that ALL of these are services that I use and have made money or gotten awesome rewards without spending any money.  None of these are scams, but remember that you are getting paid to sit at home in front of your computer, so you won’t be able to support your family doing this stuff.

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