Things That Annoy Infertile Girls (or Maybe Just Me?) – Flashback Friday

This was actually one of my more popular posts when it was first published, but I still thought I would share it again.  Any additions to the post are in pink, as usual πŸ™‚

  • Accidental Pregnancies – So I have been trying for years to get pregnant, you go slut around and accidentally get pregnant?
  • Immediate Pregnancies – You quit taking your birth control last month and now you are pregnant?
  • People Who Give You Retarded Advice –

           – Just stop trying and you will get pregnant
           – My friend adopted a baby and got pregnant right away, you should do that
           – Get drunk, people always get pregnant when they are drunk (Yes, they do. Because they are
             intoxicated and forget to take precautions.)

  • Whiny Girls That Pretend They Are Infertile – Trying for 5 months is not suffering from infertility. It takes a year on average to get pregnant.  I get that it might FEEL like infertility but it just isn’t.  After YEARS of trying, I can’t even remember what trying for 5 months is like.
  • Stupid Pregnancy Announcements on Facebook These can be cute, but they still really annoy me, and unless you are a best friend of mine, I will totally hide all your updates after you do this.
  • Pregnant Girls That Don’t Research Pregnancy – If you are having a baby, and I can’t, at least have the decency to care about your pregnancy and birth OK?
  • People That Have Kids And Are Awful Parents – I am not one of those people that thinks you should have to have a license to breed. But seriously, if you are giving your kid a baby bottle with soda in it and letting your 2 year old climb up the shelves at Wal-Mart, I can’t help but think “Seriously, you can reproduce and I can’t?!?!”
  • Pregnancy Tests – Because they are ALWAYS negative, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

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8 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Infertile Girls (or Maybe Just Me?) – Flashback Friday

  1. I can definitely relate to your thoughts. We tried for more than 3 years before finally getting pregnant. Another one that really irritated me was when people who knew we were trying and not getting pregnant would ask if I was pregnant yet. I finally told my brother-in-law that if he asked one more time, he would find out I finally was pregnant when I had the baby, because I wouldn't be telling him. I hope God fulfills the desires of your heart. I memorized Psalm 113:9 and kept reminding myself that somehow, God would make it happen.Jamie H @ coffeewithus3.blogspot.com

  2. I can't imagine how awful some people can make you feel. Pray about it, although I bet you already have. I hope I'm not one of the stupid advice people, but you may want to consider adoption. Not because you will get pregnant afterwords, but just to have a child that you can mother. Adoption is a beautiful way to add a child to your family. It would not only give you a child to love and take care of, but would also give the child loving parents. The state can't take care of kids as well as a loving parent can.God BlessHannah Jdreamingofperfect.weebly.com

  3. I hear your frustrations and I appreciate your honesty. I just wish you hadn't used the "R" word. It is an offensive slur, right up there with using the "N" word. It belittles and demeans people who need our compassion. Maybe sub in "foolish" or "unhelpful". Other than that spot on! And ditto considering adoption, not as a pathway to pregnancy, but as a pathway to parenthood. Have you considered foster care? A family with your convictions would really be able to help lots of kids in need of good homes in the midst of bad situations.

  4. Sorry that my word choice offended you, I tend to censor my more colorful word choices when I blog, to avoid upsetting anyone. I can assure you I am respectful, polite and compassionate to the mentally handicapped, and intended no disrespect by my use of that term. My husband and are currently getting licensed for foster care and could get a call at any time πŸ™‚

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