Abortion – Flashback Friday

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I was inspired to write about this controversial topic because of a post on Birth Without Fears Facebook page. Usually I attempt to be civil, polite, respectful and courteous when I discuss this (or other controversial) topic(s), but since this is my blog I am going to say what I think and why I think it. I won’t insult people, or call people names, but I won’t sugarcoat it either. Not that I think it will be a problem, but I won’t publish comments that are insulting. I only have 16 followers, but I want to warn you ahead of time.  I think I have 53 followers now! 

I think that abortion is wrong. Plain and simple.
I don’t care if you* got raped. Two wrongs do NOT make a right. Just because someone did something horrible to you doesn’t mean you should kill an innocent person. If you don’t feel that you can love the baby because of the circumstances that is reasonable, give it up for adoption. 

I don’t care if the baby has Down’s Syndrome. It is still YOUR CHILD and God trusted you with it. You can’t kill it for being retarded once it is born, so there is no reason to kill it before. In fact it would probably be better (still horrendous) to kill it after birth as it would be done more humanely and you would actually know that the child has something wrong with it. I hate to break it to you, but the tests can be wrong, and you might have killed a perfectly healthy baby.

I don’t care if you cheated on your husband and now you are pregnant with a baby that is obviously not his. Or if you had a one night stand, or if you are sleeping with a married man, or if you are fifteen, or if you are poor and can’t afford it very well. You made a bad choice, now you have to live with it. Living with it might be keeping the baby, or it might be giving the baby up for adoption, but it certainly isn’t killing the baby.

There are two instances where I do approve of abortion. These instances are rare. One of them is if you have had a miscarriage and need a D&C to remove an incomplete miscarriage. The other instance is in an ectopic pregnancy. This does involve ending a life, but it is (as far as I know) unavoidable. If the pregnancy continues both the mother and baby die (again, as far as I know).

Sometimes something will happen where the baby will kill the mother if the pregnancy continues. Still not a reason for an abortion. The solution is to deliver the baby at the earliest possible point of viability. Give the baby a chance at life, while preserving the life of the mother. Yes, this could be unbelievably expensive way of doing things, but what price can you put on the life of a child.  I do realize there are very few instances (I mean VERY few) that could involve the mother perhaps dying before the baby reaches viability.  In this case I still think that it is wrong to kill the child, but if I were, for instance having repeated strokes through my first trimester, continuing on and seriously risking my life would be a hard choice.  I cannot with certainty say what I would do.  I like to think that I would trust in God to lead me through it, but I can’t say for sure. 

There are some people that disagree with abortion, but feel it should be kept legal to avoid desperate women going to back-alley doctors or using coat hangers. I disagree. If you are doing something to intentionally kill someone, why should it be relatively safe for you? Does anyone care if a man goes into a store and shoots someone, then the bullet ricochets and kills him? As my brother-in-law once said about the matter “The captain goes down with the ship.” Callous? Yes. But is is any more callous than killing your own flesh and blood? 

I don’t think abortion will ever be illegal here. So my solution is that after you have an abortion, you have a mandatory hysterectomy. If you are not willing to parent a child when it is given to you, you may not have a child when it is convenient. Women would have to make a life long choice to either have the baby that is inside them, or to never have children. 

I have ALWAYS been Pro-Life when it comes to abortion (the death penalty is a different topic, about which I have no real opinion). In high school I skipped all the speech days (have I mentioned I didn’t graduate?), except one, where I gave a speech on the horror of abortion. However I have became even more Pro-Life since I have been struggling to have a baby. More for selfish reasons then anything else. It used to be easier and cheaper to adopt a baby, before Roe v. Wade. Because there were lots of “unwanted” babies that were available for adoption. Now many of those babies are killed. I would LOVE a baby, and millions of women are literally throwing theirs away.  3500 babies are killed in the United States everyday.

One thing I HATE about Pro-Life people is their tendency to parade pictures of dead babies around. I know that its wrong, so please don’t show me graphic pictures of why its so horrifying.

“The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion, which is war against the child. The mother doesn’t learn to love, but kills to solve her own problems. Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want.”-Mother Teresa

If you have had an abortion and are hurting, I have searched for a resource to share with you.  Please visit Rachel’s Vineyard.  I know there are people that have abortions, and that choice haunts them for the rest of their life.  For those people I have compassion and am not passing judgement.  I cannot imagine how much the consequences of that action would hurt.  I pray that those people find some way to heal.

Dumb reason not to kill babies: Look how cute they are! Why isn’t this baby pixelated? Because she is me!

*You is a hypothetical person

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