Stupid Television

I love TV.  It is kind of an addiction of mine (along with my smartphone and bubbly drinks – soda, not champagne)…

One thing I notice is that all the comedy shows that I like (or sort of like) have one character that I wish would just go away.  Usually this character is a fan favorite, and does almost nothing but make dirty jokes and do completely inappropriate things for his (yes it is always a male) own gains.  The other thing that these people do is rarely interact with the other characters on a meaningful level, the show could most definitely go on without them and you wouldn’t even notice.  Sometimes they might have the majority of screen time in some episodes, but they do nothing to pull along the main story line.  I feel like these characters ruin shows, and wish there were more shows without this guy.

Here is a list of some of the “people” I am talking about:


Russell from Rules of Engagement
Roger from American Dad
Stewie from Family Guy
Barney from How I Met Your Mother (although the further I get through the show the more he is becoming less awful)


There are others that sort of meet this criteria, like Joey from Friends, and Kelso from That 70s Show, but I feel that they either have redeeming qualities or are an integral part of the ensemble cast. 

I still watch these shows, and would count a couple of them as my favorite shows, I just wish we would see less of “Unnecessary Perverted Guy”.

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