Why My Regular Blogging Stopped

So I did really, really well at blogging on a regular basis for about 2 months.  After that it honestly became overwhelming.  I have mad respect for all the “mommy bloggers” out there that manage to post on a regular basis.  Even though I don’t have any kids, I do have kids in my house starting at 7:30 am, M-F. 

So for the month or two that I was blogging furiously, I wasn’t able to spend breakfast with the kids.  I would make them food, stick the baby in his exersaucer and come sit at the computer and link-up like mad.  I just didn’t have the time for it, if I wanted to do the best baby-sitting job I could do.  I had time to write the posts, but just writing posts doesn’t get views.  You have to get the posts out there for people to read.  I have the time to do that too, but not at the times when it is effective.

The kids nap at around 2 pm everyday, which gives me plenty of time to “link-up” in the afternoon.  Unfortunately I noticed that when I did that I didn’t really see anymore views than I did when I didn’t do anything but put the post in my Facebook feed.  So I just quit.  I will be starting up again, because of some changes in my schedule, but I don’t know for how long, and I don’t know how consistent I will be.

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One thought on “Why My Regular Blogging Stopped

  1. I totally understand. Finding time to blog is difficult when taking care of little ones. I try to work like crazy during nap times. 🙂 That's why I'm glad I blog with my sister…we share the work. 🙂

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