Finding a Silver Lining – Flashback Friday

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Originally titled Today I am Thankful for Not Having a Baby

I want children very much. But had I conceived when I first started trying, both my birth experience and my life would be much more stressful.

Since I have had all this time to study up on birth practices and statistics, I now know things that will make it much safer and gentler to give birth. If I had immediately gotten pregnant, I would have given birth in a hospital, on my back, probably been given pitocin, and possibly an epidural. My babies would have been vaccinated (a controversial post on that coming after Thanksgiving) on the regular schedule. I would have used disposible diapers all the time. Now I feel like I know better (this is NOT an insult to people who do the things I have just listed. I just have learned the dangers of these things and feel its best to avoid them). 

Michael and I are much more settled right now then we were three years ago. We have an apartment, he has a full-time job that pays decently and he loves, I work at home, so I can keep doing that once I have a baby, no problem.  We are now even more settled, we own a house and both have better paying jobs, mine still being at home.

I do not think that I will be a better mother because of the time that has gone by, I think the experience will be better and easier though.

I look forward to the day that God blesses me with a child, but looking back I can see the positives that have came from not conceiving yet.  Please don’t think I am mature about this, I am not.  I just know that there ARE some good things about not getting what when want, immediately when we want it.

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