Diapers – Flashback Fridays

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A post about diapers could go in many directions.

-It could revert back to my last post about a leaky diaper that resulted in me wearing a blanket.

-It could also be about crazy astronaut stalkers who wear diapers to avoid the annoying road trip hassle of having to go to the bathroom.  Does anyone actually remember this woman?

-I could be super mean and make jokes at the expense of the poor souls who have to wear Depends and other such incontinence products.

It all seems so over done though. So I’m going to go with an equally over done topic of cloth diapers.

Why cloth? Well number one, check out the picture! How cute are these cloth diapers? Other then the new limited time only denim look Huggies with the creepy sexed up toddler ad, plastic diapers (known to cloth-diaperers as “sposies”) don’t even compare!  Okay, these pictures are not that cute, but that is because I am using my own pictures, of my own “stash”, which was given to me like 4 years ago.  The pictures before were very cute, but in the interest of no more copyright infringment, I am changing the pictures.

Of course thats not a very practical reason, and practicality will probably reign supreme when there are little ones running around. 

So imagine for a moment ladies (I know only ladies will continue reading once they see the title, and I’m pretty sure that, for the most part, only ladies read my blog anyways) that you get to wear a maxi-pad everyday for a minimum of 18 months. Sounds comfy huh? Now imagine that you wear underwear everyday for 18 months. Actually I am pretty sure most people do that. Admittedly, cloth diapers are much thicker then underwear, but its the closest comparison I can think of!  Now some people use mama cloth, which would definitely be the closest thing to cloth diapers.  However the cost is pretty high, and I have not invested in it yet (plus I am not a mama, can you call it mama cloth when you are not a mama?) so I don’t know how that is.  If you are a mama cloth user, please feel free to weigh in šŸ™‚

But ew! Who wants to deal with cloth diapers? Sounds gross huh? Well good news! The grossest part of it is the whole rinsing out the poop right? I have an answer for that! Two actually. 1: If you breastfeed exclusively, the poop is water soluble, and therefore you can just stick them in the washing machine. Your supposed to breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months, so you can at least avoid the rinsing for 6 months. 2: Little known fact – if you read the bag/box of diapers it says to remove all solid matter from the diaper into the toilet before throwing in the trash (or something along that line). So if you do it the right way, you still have to deal with the poop a little more.  3: You can buy flushable diaper liners that allow you to just remove the solids and flush them.  Then you can just wash the diaper.  No swishing or dumping!

$53 a month. Thats what you save using cloth diapers (according to BabyCenter) Thats $954 if you manage to potty train your baby by 18 months. Plus they won’t have bowel control until at least 2 so they will have to use diapers at night even if they are good during the day. So with 3 kids, it would be around $3000 you saved. You could probably go to Disneyland on money saved from using cloth diapers!

And saying its to hard won’t cut it. I have a friend who had 3 boys in cloth diapers at the same time!!!

Hopefully I won’t be a hypocrite and when the time comes that God blesses me with babies I follow through on my cloth diapering plans. Actually I kinda think that due to finances, it won’t really be a choice. Sometimes a lack of options is a good thing šŸ™‚  Finances are better now, and it will probably be a choice.  One I am still hoping I don’t fail to make.  I have a lot of newborn/small cloth diapers so I am pretty sure I will do it at least for a short amount of time.  But for all the (probably literally) thousands of diapers I have changed, I don’t think that even one of them has been cloth, so we will see how it goes. (I have used cloth diapers now, and its not that bad!  I can totally handle it, at least with one kid in them at a time!)

I figured you might be sick of my super long post by now, but there is a lot more to say about these cloth diapers… Stay tuned for part 2Which will be republished next Friday.  Or you could click on the link now, but there is no suspense in that!

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2 thoughts on “Diapers – Flashback Fridays

  1. I love cloth diapering. I really haven't found it very hard or time consuming. Every time I use them I know I am saving money. I do use disposables when the kids go on a visit with their bio parents or when we have a baby sitter. And as of last month, I joined the mama cloth club. šŸ™‚ I am REALLY hoping it helps with my cramps every month. I am not doing it to save money, because I am losing money. I use coupons and haven't paid for pads in a really long time. So it was kind of hard for me to fork out the money to buy cloth pads, but if it helps with cramps I will be happy.

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