January Resolution Recap

So, usually my updates are just a log of my failures.  Not this time!  Finally I am actually following through on my resolutions! 

I have not missed a single day of Bible reading, so I am about 8% through.  Okay, one day we were up until 3 am, because SOMEONE likes playing Minecraft until all hours of the night, and when we were finally in bed I realized that I had not done my reading for the day, so I technically missed a day, but I think it still counts because I had not gone to sleep before I read it.

I have been doing REALLY good on exercising.  I played Just Dance everyday in January, ranging from 12 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on my level of laziness.  I also go for a short walk with the kids most days (when they are not sick, which they have been the last week or two).  Soda drinking has been going so-so.  I kind of traded one bubbly chemical concoction for another…  So no more Dr. Pepper, except about 16 oz over the weekend, but I have replaced it with Cascade Ice, which is carbonated water, with some juice (a whole 1% LOL), and (shame of shames) sweetened with sucrolose (Splenda).  The benefits are that there is no caffeine, and there are no calories in this new beverage.  I tried some soda made with stevia, but it tasted horrible, and was pretty expensive. 

Michael and I have been doing a Biggest Loser competition (I should watch that show someday) with his family, so in order to try NOT to lose $30 I have been keeping track of my calorie intake on the LoseIt app on my phone.  I like this app, because unlike SparkPeople, it keeps track of NET calories, so if you eat a little to much, you can do some exercise and still be under, or on target for the day.  I have been under for 3 of the last 4 weeks, and this week I am still under, even though I switched it from losing 1/2 lb a week to 1 lb a week (Half a pound doesn’t move the scale, so even though I was losing about half a pound a week it wasn’t helping me not be doing poorly in the competition)!  Saturday and Sunday are our “cheat days”, but I hate to see the little line counting my calories turn red, so I tend to not cheat to much.  Instead I make unhealthy decisions, like skipping dinner and eating a Blizzard, which is not healthy, but so, so, so delicious, or skipping lunch and having a soda. 

I started out wanting to lose 22 lbs.  I am down to only wanting to lose 17 lbs. Ending 2012 with the stomach flu helped me jump start that though. Also I’ve been using the same scale every time instead of random ones at thrift stores, which gave me a lower number than I had gotten the last time I weighed myself. I want to lose 17 lbs now but I may have only lost about 2 lbs, not 5 depending on scale accuracy.

I have no idea if I have lost any inches, because I moved my measuring tape so Hadlee would quit playing with it, but I have no idea where I moved it to. 

Michael has been doing REALLY well at the diet, especially compared to how I thought he would do.  The first week he was a little resistant, but he is super on board now.  He is actively trying to keep his calorie count low, and when I make him breakfast or lunch he asks me to keep them below 500 each, and at dinner he doesn’t have seconds.  He has lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks, and his watch is loose on his wrist now.  I am really impressed with his effort, I guess money makes a good motivator!

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2 thoughts on “January Resolution Recap

  1. Wow, great job to both of you. I have been doing well on my Bible reading, have missed a couple days but been able to make them up the next day (I know it's not ideal, but for me that is always where I have failed before, is getting too far behind and not making it up). Good job eating healthier. Scott and I were just talking about how we want to "someday" drastically change our eating (better meat, veggies, not processed, etc). So we are starting to take baby steps that direction.

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