3D Movies… The Coolest Things Since… 3D Movies – Flashback Friday

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I think 3D movies are cool. I really do. But why is there such a big hoopla about them? Apparently people were smart enough in the 50’s to figure out they are a fad that soon dies out. But now we are falling for it like crazy.

What is fun at Disneyland is expensive and gives you a headache all the time. Last time I went to see a movie (Shrek 4) all but ONE of the movies advertised was in 3D. That is an extra $3 per person every time someone sees a 3D movie.  This was originally published in 2010, and these are still going strong.  And the last 3D movie I saw was Wreck It Ralph (very cute by the way, I highly recommend it).

But you get a sweet pair of Buddy Holly glasses, that you can recycle or take home as a souvenir. But you can’t bring them back. At least not for a discount, even though they claim the extra charge is for the glasses.

Then they make 3D TVs. I’m sure you want to pay an extra $300+ for your TV to do what a pair of paper glasses can do for $1. Oh, and that won’t cover the 3D glasses. Yeah, you have to shell out another $150 or so dollars if you and your hubby want to watch it. Got kids? $150 for every two of them that want to watch the wonderful 3D images.  Admitedly the 3D televisions and the glasses are WAY better than the paper ones, but it is still an absurd cost!

Yeah, this is what people should spend money researching… not cancer, or AIDS, or world hunger. Entertainment. Recycled entertainment.

Believe it or not, those are the child sized 3D glasses.

That being said, if they remake Star Wars in 3D I will be the first in line to see it. Well not really, because I hate lines. I’ll probably show up after its been out for a week or two and I can just go right in. For a matinee.  Apparently they are making a new Star Wars Movie.  Which I am not sure if I am excited about.  I think that I am, but at the same time the prequels kind of sucked a little, so I don’t know how much hope there is for the sequels.

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2 thoughts on “3D Movies… The Coolest Things Since… 3D Movies – Flashback Friday

  1. I have another friend that hates 3D movies because they make her sick. We tortured her once and took her to see A Christmas Carol in 3D (we had intended to see it in 2D but missed the movie time). She said it was better than old 3D but still made her mildly sick. We usually only go to the 3D ones when we miss the time for the cheaper one (like with Wreck It Ralph). I would be sad if I got sick at the movies, its pretty much the only thing Michael and I go do, other than grocery shopping.

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