So you might have noticed on my meal plans that on Fridays, for lunch, we have a Popcorn Party!  This is something I made up.

Basically I just cut up cheese, and fruits and veggies that the girls and I enjoy eating, and we make some delicious air popped popcorn for lunch.  It is of course drenched in yummy butter.  Then we pick out a fun movie to watch and eat on the floor in the family room.

There are two rules to a Popcorn Party:

  1. You have to eat your healthy food before you dig into the popcorn.  Just popcorn is not a meal.
  2. We always pick a different movie.  I know kids love to watch the same movie over and over, but I have A LOT of kid’s movies, plus I record some, so there is no need for repeats.
The girls making popcorn

It is pretty fun, and I like to think that by making it a weekly thing its something fun they look forward to.  I know they love making the popcorn with me, because when we are running late for lunch and I make it while they are eating, they are very disappointed.  Cooper wakes up during the time we are watching the movie, and then he fights me for popcorn.  I pick off the soft parts and put them on a plate for him to eat.  Just because he is a baby doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to join in the fun!

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