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Review – Seven Everyday Slings

I got this sling because it was free, I only had to pay shipping.  Since I bought it, I have found out that it is VERY easy to find codes for this to be free, and I am pretty sure that if you ever pay full price for one you got duped.

I was SO excited.  I wanted a baby carrier really bad.  I didn’t have a baby, but I am always collecting baby things.

In case you were thinking that I only review things that I like, I HATE THIS SLING! 

I have used it with tiny babies, older babies, and toddlers. 

– Adorable, and available in a variety of colors
– Lightweight and compact, you can easily throw it in a diaper bag or purse
– Works from birth – 35 lbs

Hadlee thinks being worn is fun, so I walked around with her for a few minutes.  Within literally 5 minutes my lower back was hurting on the side the weight was on.

– Terrifying to use with small babies.  They sink down in it, and its almost impossible to keep them from having their chin tucked to their chest, which is a huge no-no in baby carrying.  Basically when I had Cooper in it as an infant I spent the entire trip to the park making sure he was still breathing, then I started sticking him in the stroller.

After I took the picture he started screaming and trying to flip himself out of it.  NOT A HANDS FREE DEVICE!

– Hurts your back.  Like I said, using it with an infant is scary.  It works pretty good for a toddler, and when Hadlee and Jordyn were both about two years old, I would carry one of them in it when we went to the park.  While it worked fine for that, it really hurt my back, and sometimes it would hurt for a few days after I used it.
– Doesn’t work at all for older babies.  You are supposed to put them in a hip carry when they are older, but until they are old enough to know better they tend to try and flip themselves out of it, and there isn’t enough fabric stopping them, so it isn’t hands free.

It is REALLY hard to get big kids into this thing!  I ended up having them stand on the couch (usually a no-no) and sliding it over their heads like a shirt.
I know I am a total downer about this, but it just didn’t meet my expectations.  It is better than nothing, but that is it.  I would highly recommend spending a little bit more and getting a wrap or an actual carrier.  You can read my Moby Wrap review by clicking here.
If you do want to purchase a Seven Sling, you can buy one at Seven Everyday Slings for $39.95.  But please search for a free code if you decide to buy against my advice.  

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5 thoughts on “Review – Seven Everyday Slings

  1. Such a bummer you didn't like it. I only use my sling occasionally with a 1+ year old and I liked it enough to become one of their affiliates. I do agree it's not the best sling out there but even with the shipping it does well for the price. What I like about it was the fact I can keep it in my purse and whip it out when a certain 18 month old of mine won't stay in the shopping cart. My favorite way to wear a baby is with a Moby wrap hands down, but this works for a quick shopping trip. Oh and I definitely didn't like it with the little babies either, but for older ones it's helpful.

  2. I was sad I didn't like it either! Although until I had better carriers I was pretty fond of it. It hurt my back but it was SOOO convenient! I visited your blog and I LOVE the cover to your ABCs of Freezer Cooking book. If I saw that in a store I would probably have to buy it 🙂 I don't ever read books I buy for the Kindle, or I would totally buy it.I also love your PS on the udder covers button. I saw that model and was like "What? Is that even a feeding position?"Thanks so much for stopping by and giving your opinion.

  3. i have seen this code also. i have been wondering how well it worked, but now i know. i have bad back trouble, so i need a good wrap for my babies. i love my loveyduds wrap. i wear my babies all the time using that! glad for the review!!

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