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Homegrown Goodness vs Store Bought Scary

This is a picture of scrambled eggs.  The eggs on the top are from a friend’s chickens.  The eggs on the bottom are from Winco (probably, every once in a while I shop elsewhere).
I was cooking the “farm” fresh eggs, and noticed that they seemed really yellow.  So I took some “regular” eggs out of the fridge and scrambled them too.  The second batch looks almost white compared to the first batch.  I didn’t add anything to them except salt and pepper.  Which was pretty unnecessary seeing as how I didn’t NEED more eggs for breakfast and ended up giving them to the dog…
Now I REALLY want my own chickens.  That much more color has to mean all sorts of good things that I know nothing about.  I know that butter is more yellow in the summer than the winter (at least when free-range, pastured cows are producing it) because they get gresh grass instead of hay and get out in the sunshine.  But these are winter eggs, so that shouldn’t be a similar thing…
Do you have chickens?  Are they legal or are you a rebel?

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4 thoughts on “Homegrown Goodness vs Store Bought Scary

  1. Isn't that amazing. I have seen the difference before but never side by side like that. When we can't get them from a local farm I do buy organic, but even those are not as yellow as local farm raised pasture eggs.

  2. Ha, ha! So glad I found your blog at There are people in our town who keep chickens (I actually blogged about walking into a couple while walking my dog one morning). There is a difference. I grew up buying fresh and knowing the difference. Though I don't keep chickens, I do appreciate farm to table eating.Thanks for sharing.Peace and good to you.

  3. If you can keep chickens, do!!! Now is the time to order them, too. We have a small flock and they are wonderful! We are legal on our unincorporated-area-of-the-county 35 acres (our next door neighbors are cows, they don't complain about our chickens.) There are some unintended bonuses too. Unwashed chicken eggs can stay on the counter (once you wash them, you wash away a coating that keeps them good, which is a good thing they have in case the eggs were fertilized, right?) Plus, they don't taste as egg-y. And chickens are immensely entertaining, especially if they have any amount of free-ranging. We feed the shells back to them, which provides calcium to help them produce better eggs. They will eat almost anything. I've heard that goats are pickier than chickens, but we don't have a goat yet. The aspartame-in-milk thing might push that forward a little sooner than planned. Chickens put themselves up at night, too. They can't see in the dark, so as soon as dusk hits, they are back in the coop. We have them in a fenced-in area because of the coyotes and foxes around here, but when they do manage to get out, they all stick together and we always find them near our house.

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