Review – L’Oreal Sublime Mousse

Last Saturday I went on a bit of a shopping spree (Target had their Christmas stuff 90% off, who can resist that?).  I also stopped by Wal-Mart to check out their Christmas stuff (only 75% off and not as good of selection), and I found L’Oreal Sublime Mousse on clearance.  There were a couple of colors and I choose “Pure Dark Brown”. 
This girl has really pretty blue eyes that make me a little annoyed with my boring brown ones.  I got these on clearance so when I opened the second box it was weird because the bottles were different.  I was a little scared they were a different color or something.
Now I had kind of decided not to dye my hair anymore, but I had been wanting to try the mousse dye since they first came out with it.  It is always more expensive than the regular stuff, and since I have long, thick hair it takes two bottles to dye my hair.  So I had never tried it.  I bought two boxes (for only $9 total) and dyed my hair last night.  Michael wasn’t super impressed, it kind of annoys him when I dye my hair, because I always say “I’m not dying my hair anymore.” and then I always do.  I didn’t actually WANT to dye my hair this time, I really just wanted to try the mousse, and since my hair was about 40 different colors, I figured dying it couldn’t hurt anything.  Plus I am practically going grey.
I have chronicled my hair coloring journey with pictures, but first a review!
– Much easier to get onto the roots of your hair than the regular stuff.
– Less drippy, and therefore less messy.  I didn’t get drops all over the bathroom like I usually do. 
– The mousse applicator was better than the regular bottle, and didn’t get the gloves as covered in goop, which meant everything was less goopy. 
– It doesn’t make the lengths of your hair any easier.
– It says DON’T SHAKE THE MIXTURE but to rotate it gently to mix, which isn’t really a bad thing, but left me worried I would agitate it to much and it would explode or something. 
– It seemed like it took longer to rinse from my hair.  I literally ran out of hot water as I was finishing rinsing the conditioner out of my hair. 
Overall I liked using it.  I think it makes it quite a bit easier to dye your own hair.  I don’t think it would be worth the extra money if someone else was dying your hair though, because it isn’t that hard for them to see where the dye is going.  It stinks just like the other stuff.  It left my hair feeling just like the other stuff.  It doesn’t really have any downfalls as opposed to the regular dye, and if they were the same cost or close I would definitely pick this. 
You are going to quit believing my reviews pretty soon, since I tend to give out only high scores, but I promise I am telling the truth!  I would give this a”
It isn’t some awesome new wonder product like I was hoping, but there are no real downsides to it when comparing it to the other products on the market, and there are some very valuable differences that set it apart.
Oh and just so you know, L’Oreal didn’t pay me anything or give me any free samples or anything for this review.  Although that would have been way cool!
My multi-colored hair.  The hair underneath was a very dark brown, but the hair on top was an almost blonde reddish color.  Titian?
Before picture.  Yes, in the bathroom.  Its so much easier to take pictures of yourself in the bathroom.  Look I was being good and wearing my glasses!
During.  Do you see how spotted my shoulders are?  This is because my hair is long, so when I dye it myself it lays on my shoulders and back as I dye it.  I am someone that should probably just pay to get her hair dyed, but I am WAY to cheap for that.
After.  Much darker, although still lots of different colors.  What is really weird is that I took this picture in the same bathroom, with the same lighting, at the same time of night, with the same camera as the first picture of me, and somehow the lighting is WAY different…
New color.  Just brown I think.

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3 thoughts on “Review – L’Oreal Sublime Mousse

  1. I have to say I like the color as well! This really makes me want to dye my hair. I'm a natural blonde, but have been to black and various darker shades. Right now it's all about the same color, but I can't say I'm in love with it! If I decide to dye it I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing!

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