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Poisoning Myself… Ooopsy!

I had a brilliant idea.  At least I thought it was.  I was going to make toothpaste. 

I have read recipes, and generally coconut oil and baking soda are common ingredients. 

I thought I was being clever, and decided to melt the coconut oil, and then stir in the baking soda, the idea being that it would combine together like flour and fat when you make gravy.

So after the coconut oil melted, I added the baking soda and stirred it until it became “the desired consistency” (which was really just however I thought it should be).  Honestly it smelled pretty bad, but I kept going.

Now, I put it in a little container.  It started separating, which was not what I had hoped for. 
Then I realized I made a big mistake and neglected to add water, so eventually it would solidify and be unusable.  So I added some water and stirred it (ironically with a flosser that has fluoride on it, which probably added a bit of the poison to my “healthy toothpaste”), and it became a powdery consistancy, which was fine with me. 

I put it on my toothbrush and started brushing.  It tasted HORRIBLE, which I had expected, I mean baking soda is pretty gross, and coconut oil is fine, but it is pretty subtle to try to hide the power of baking soda.  What I hadn’t expected was it to burn like fire.  I was a trooper and brushed through the pain, and then brushed with toothpaste, because my mouth hurt and tasted nasty. 

Then I remembered that if you heat up baking soda it becomes washing soda.  Which is used in making laundry detergent.  I basically had just brushed my teeth with laundry soap.  That is probably why my gums were still tender today.  So now I have some worthless concontion.  I can’t use it for cleaning because the coconut oil might ruin things.  I can’t use it for brushing my teeth because it might kill me, or make my teeth fall out (I have no idea if these things would happen, much like my “toothpaste” recipe, I am making things up as I go along) after my gums burn away.  On the plus side, my teeth ARE a little whiter.

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15 thoughts on “Poisoning Myself… Ooopsy!

  1. Hello, Rachel!I love that you experimented with this!I saw you linked up your site on the Deep Roots at Home page, and I am so glad to ‘see’ you there. I love what you are doing here on your blog and hope we can follow each other to be a mutual blessing in the Lord ~ It is so much fun and encouraging to get to ‘know’ new like-minded gals! BTW, I would like to invite you to consider linking-up on the Deep Roots at Home ‘EOA’ Wednesday Link-Up. You can gain more exposure and it would be neat to see you as a regular each week.Grace and peace to you~

  2. Rachel,This is hilarious! I mean not because you almost poisoned yourself. ;)I stopped by here to thank you for your comment on my post Men Are Morons at Upgradual.wordpress.com. And I was pleasantly surprised to find your writing so engaging. Good work!God Bless,Colleen

  3. Ugh I hate fluoride! I have some toothpaste that doesn't have any in it, but I wanted to try making my own. I HATE that fluoride is in the water, I mean we should get to choose if we are poisoned!

  4. I think that baking soda in recipes is in such a small amount it doesn't make any difference to the toxicity of the product. 1 tsp into 24 cookies is much different than 1 tsp into my mouth 🙂

  5. wow.. I knew that about baking soda / Washing soda.. but wow. personally I don't mind the taste at all.in fact my last dental cleaning was great.. she spent about 1 min on actualy cleaning !! YEA ! I don't even use baking soda Everytime I brush.. but it must do the trick.

  6. Might be a little late, as I'm sure you've thrown the concoction out, but I would have used it on my hair. I already wash my hair with baking soda, and loads of people condition with coconut oil. It would have been a 2 in 1!

  7. That would have been a great idea. I ended up using it to clean my bathtub. It was a big chunk, kind of like a bar of soap, so I used it as a scrubber to get the ring around the tub to go away. It worked really well and if it were not for the fact that coconut oil can clog your drain I would have made more.

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