The Ninth Day of Christmas

Our story today is from Claire.  She is blog free, so all your kind comments for her can go right here in the comments section!  There is a video here, about her adoption story, from her interview with CafeMom.

My name is Claire. I began dating my husband when I was 16 and on our very first date found out that he had the same dream that I did- to adopt from China one day. We got married when we were 20 and since we did not meet the age requirements set forth by the Chinese government decided to try to conceive. After 7 years, we finally tried Clomid and got pregnant. Sadly, our daughter Kahlan was stillborn at 36 weeks. At this point, we were 28 and the requirements were then the age of 30. Once I was ready to contemplate having another child, we were close to 30 and able to begin the paperwork process.

The paperwork took us 5 months ( March 2005- August 2005). When our dossier was complete, it was sent to China on 9/7/05 ( 3 days after my husband’s 30th birthday). The Chinese government accepted our dossier on 10/10/05. Now, when we started the process, the wait from LID ( log in date) to referral was 6 months. However, once our dossier was logged in on 10/10/05, the wait began to lengthen. We got the call on 2/1/07- 17 months after we began the process. We left for China on 3/29/07 and met our daughter Lilly on 4/3/07- a full 2 years after beginning the process. We spent 17 days in country, 14 of which were with Lilly before bringing her home on 4/14/07. Once we returned home, we began the re-adoption process here in GA to obtain a US BC, which makes everything easier than using a Chinese BC for everything. We started that process in May 2007 and finalized with GA in October 2007…our entire adoption process took almost 3 years including the re-adoption process.

Lillian has been home for almost 6 years. She came home at 17 months old and just turned 7 in November. She is a 1st grader and according to her teachers- very bright and an overachiever. LOL.. She has also taken Karate for almost 3 years( February will be 3 years) and just earned her 14th belt yesterday.

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