The Fifth Day of Christmas

Today’s story is from Traci.  She doesn’t have a blog to visit, so you can leave all your love for her in the comments.  

We adopted a girl. She was our foster daughter. The state took her away because of her birth mother drinking and doing drugs. We say we are rednecks because the birth mom is a cousin of my husbands. To make matters more confusing, my sister in law has adopted the older sister of our daughter. There is a boy in between that my sister in law called me about but our son wasn’t in school yet and they would have been both boys. I wanted a girl.

Our son was 10 at the time and we sat him down to talk to him. I wasn’t about to bring another baby into our house, without talking to him about it when he’d been the only one for all those years. At one point the birth mother seemed to be doing good. They were going to send our baby back. I was so upset. But as much as my heart was breaking nothing prepared me for what our son was going through. He was so upset. He was crying and carrying on. I hope I never see that again. But I know he’ll get his heart broke again.

Traci’s husband, son, daughter and “furbabies” Benny, Carly, and Latte

Well, as luck would have it the birth mother took a turn for the worse and our case worker broke her leg. So she got to stay. We wound up adopting her at 18 months. She has a half sister and brother too that live with their dad. She has met all the siblings and we only live a short distance from her sister. She is growing up knowing she’s adopted and we changed her name. Our son is now almost 13 and our daughter is 3. We are very lucky God sent us both babies when he did. He knew what we wanted and when we needed it.

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Our Simple Country Life


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