The Fourth Day of Christmas

Today we have a guest post from Carmen Druckenmiller.  She has an awesome blog called The Druckenmiller Adoption Story

Here is her family’s story:

I met my husband through eHarmony in 2003 and one of my first questions I asked him was if he was open to adoption. You see, I have known since a very early age that I would adopt internationally, probably more than once. When his answer was yes, I was thrilled. 

We married October 2004 and decided to try to conceive. After 5 years and no pregnancies, we decided to begin the adoption process. We chose our agency and Ethiopia was where we were being led. It took 9 months to finish our dossier and we were DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) on 9/3/10. We were requesting a sibling group of 2 or 2 unrelated children up to age 5. We settled in for a long wait for our referral so were extremely surprised (and thrilled) when we got the referral call for our boys on 11/5/10. Our court date in Ethiopia was scheduled for March 10, 2011. 

We had decided that I would stay in Ethiopia until I could bring the boys home if we passed court relatively quickly. We passed court on our court date so I settled in for a longer stay so I could bond with our boys in their country. I stayed in Ethiopia for 7 weeks and had the boys with me for 4 of them. My mom came to Ethiopia on April 6 to help me bring the boys home (as my husband couldn’t take that time off work). On April 18, I got an email from Embassy saying that I was cleared for our appointment. We had our Embassy appointment on Thursday and got on the plane for Nebraska on Friday night. We arrived home on April 23, 2011. 

Everything has gone VERY smoothly and we are now in the paperwork phase of adopting a daughter or sibling set of 2 from India! This time we will be requesting up to age 10 and our boys are very excited about probably having an older sister! 

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