Random Christmas Thoughts

  • This year I was a Christmas failure.  I didn’t send out Christmas cards, I made one batch of sugar cookies and didn’t even frost them (I might make more today though), and I still have not put all my decorations up.  In spite of that I feel like I have had a pretty good Christmas season, even if it doesn’t feel like Christmas should be 2 days away.  A lot of times I get pretty depressed-ish around the holidays, although I don’t really know why.  I think it has to do with lack of sunshine, since I LOVE CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS!
  • CHRISTMAS IS NOT PRESENTS!  I get so tired of Christmas specials that say “Oh no!  Santa isn’t going to be able to deliver presents, millions of children won’t have a Christmas!”  Um, yes they will.  Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Even if you have no presents at all, its still Christmas.  I like How the Grinch Stole Christmas because they celebrate Christmas even after the Grinch takes all the gifts, decoration and roast beast.  Even if you are not religious, I feel like if you choose to celebrate it as a secular holiday it should be a time of family and generosity, not a time for demanding presents!
  • Some people spend a LOT of money on Christmas presents.  I was on some message boards and people were like “My kids have 25 presents each and I spent about $600 on each of them.  But I still have a few more to get.”  I am like WOW.  And so many of them were like I got my 8 year old an iPad but my six year old only gets an iPod.  And I am thinking, my six OR eight year old would get a doll, or a train set or something.  I think the obesity and economic problems in this country are starting to make a lot of sense. 
  • I didn’t get very many Christmas cards this year.  I am going to attribute this to my recent move and lack of sending out Christmas cards, rather than the option of waning popularity.
  • There are to many Christmas movies.  I mean I LOVE Christmas movies and specials, but seriously I have so many recorded every year that I don’t have a chance to watch most of them!  Plus a good portion of the newer ones suck.
  • I wish that I never had to Christmas shop for guys over the age of like 6.  Girls are easy to shop for:  a cute scarf, some lotion, scented candles, even a fun pair of socks are appropriate gifts for girls and reasonably priced.  What are some equivalents for guys?  
  • I really need to find out what time the local church has service on Christmas Eve.  My church doesn’t have a Christmas Eve service and is much to far away to walk.  So I am going to end up going to mass at the Catholic church despite my not being a Catholic.  Unless they only have a midnight service, then I don’t know what I will do.

8 thoughts on “Random Christmas Thoughts

  1. I've realized more than ever this year that Christmas is about the birth of Christ and spending time with family. We're expecting our third baby any day now which means a lot of the typical Christmas activities and decorations just didn't get done this year. But we've still had a fun holiday season making fun memories with our two boys.

  2. We have such a small house that it is so hard to decorate (bad excuse I know). So all we have this year is a tree! Oh well. We were gone for 10 days before Christmas anyway, so I am thankful to even have a tree up.

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