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Review – Moby Wrap

Here I am using the Moby Wrap.  Cooper is about 8 months old now.  I cleverly avoided the need for using pixels to hide his face (it really was on purpose!)!  Yes, I am in my bathroom, I am kind of tacky like that..

My wonderful friend Melissa gave me a Moby wrap for Christmas last year.  Actually I was supposed to buy it from her, but being the lame person that I am, I totally forgot about it, so being the generous person that she is, she gifted it to me.

I don’t have any kids, but I knew that I would be watching a baby this year, and thought it would be great to have.  My husband and I moved in with my mother-in-law last February as we prepared to buy a house, and although I intentionally left it out of all the boxes, my husband ended up packing it without my knowledge.

I didn’t get use it until September, when the baby was 5 months old, so I don’t know what I think of it for newborns, but I know that for older babies IT IS A LIFESAVER!

Here are my pros/cons:


  • One size fits all. 
  • SOOOO comfortable!  It evenly distributes the weight over your entire back and shoulders so there are no pressure points.  I can wear the baby around for an hour or two no problem (he is somewhere around 20-25 lbs). 
  • It isn’t a “crotch dangler”.  See how the wrap makes a seat for his butt?  That keeps pressure off his hips and pelvis and is much safer for babies’ development than some other carriers.
  • It comes in lots of colors!  They come in pretty much every color under the sun, and lots of different patterns. 
  • Works even with “big kids”.  Now I don’t think anyone really wants to use a Moby wrap with an older kid, but Hadlee was pretending to be a baby and I put her in it and it worked just fine.  I didn’t carry her around in it or anything, but it held her!  She is about 35 lbs, which is the maximum for the wrap (5 lbs is the minimum).
  • When the baby falls asleep, you can tuck his head in under one of the shoulder “straps” to keep it from bouncing around.  This works better with little babies, but Cooper fell asleep in it the other day and I could tuck his head in still.
  • No need to bundle baby, just a hat.  You can wear your husband’s coat over the top of both of you.  Or bundle the baby and then wear your coat over the top of you, zip the bottom so his/her feet stay inside the coat and everyone is warm but you don’t look disheveled.  πŸ™‚


  • $48-$63.  They are kind of expensive, although in the baby-wearing world, this is pretty cheap.  The more expensive ones are MLB ones and organic ones.
  • Gets kind of stretched out after you wear it around for a while.  A quick trip through the washer and dryer fixes this though.
  • Kind of awkward to get the baby in and out of.  This is true of most baby carriers though.
  • When the baby gets older you have to fight him to keep his arms in.  Like my other cons, this isn’t really a huge concern, since after looking into it a little, you can apparently just let them have their arms out.   
Arms out.  Honestly this makes me nervous, even though a huge majority of him is still in the carrier.  I only wear him like this around the house when I have both hands available should he attempt an acrobatic escape.

Overall I would give this product a 5/5!

To purchase this product, visit Moby Wrap.

Do you like baby-wearing?  What is your favorite carrier?

    • I have no idea why this bullet is here,,, But for some reason I can’t get rid of it…



    20 thoughts on “Review – Moby Wrap

    1. It definitely works best with little babies. Being that my kids were both born big, it didn't take long before they would stretch it out pretty fast and I would have to readjust it. It is really comfy though… and I honestly don't think there is anything better for babies that are0-4 months

    2. I have heard a couple of people say it doesn't work as well for older babies, but I guess since I have only used that or a sling I feel like it works GREAT! I know there are better carriers for older babies, but I am not really willing to make the investment, since I don't know when I will have another baby in the house.

    3. I would love an ergo, because I've heard nothing but great stuff about them, but I think they are like $100+ and I'm not sure I can justify that cost to myself or Michael. I have seen some knock off ergos that are like half the price.

    4. I've heard so many good things about the Moby Wrap. I didn't really use any type of wrap with either of my boys, but I'm planning to try one or two wraps out with our new little. I figure with two active boys I'll need a good wrap so I can hold the baby AND keep up with my boys. πŸ™‚

    5. Brittany got an Ergo for Christmas, and I tried it on yesterday! I only wore it around for a little while as Ariana was a little disturbed about me wearing her, but it was really comfortable. It puts a good amount of weight on your hips as well as your shoulders. Now I really want one πŸ™‚

    6. Thanks for the review!! I got one for my baby shower and have heard that they are really good but it seems so complicated to wear lol. Guess I need to look up some YouTube videos. But I really wanted to get one and glad I got it as a present since I'm not sure how much I'll actually use it πŸ™‚

    7. I loved using the Moby when my little girl was a baby!!! Definitely better for smaller children. After a point I had to switch carriers because in my opinion she had outgrown the Moby and needed more support. In a mammas group I'm in they say soft and stretchy is best the the cuddly stages, and then you can switch to a non-stretchy wrap when the baby is heavier and needs a little extra support.As far as carriers go, the Moby was my absolute favorite! It was soooo comfortable. The weight is distributed along your shoulders, and was so much better than my other carrier.I liked baby wearing. I loved the snuggle time, and I felt more secure about being out in public knowing she was right there, as opposed to a baby car seat in a shopping cart, which I was not comfortable with at all.

    8. Okay, at the risk of receiving some snide "crotch-dangler" comments…I use a Baby Bjorn with my son when I wear him. (For the record, he doesn't appear to "dangle" yet the way people like to imply.) I wanted to get a Beco or possibly a Lillebaby, but Hubby insisted on the Baby Bjorn. I'm buying a Mei Tai to use with the next one. We'll be living in Europe then, so I want something small and easy to transport that I can pull out of the diaper bag when needed.

    9. No mean comments I promise πŸ™‚ I review every comment that I get, and make sure that they are nice (although I have only had one comment that I wouldn't publish so far) even if they are differing opinions. I don't think that the "crotch dangling" is a problem unless you wear your baby a LOT. I have heard good things about mei tai carriers, but have never used one. Carriers are expensive, or else I would have tons!

    10. I don't know how I missed this post. We were in Texas for 10 days in Dec visiting family and had no internet. Anyway, while I was there I got to try my sister in law's moby wrap. She showed me all kinds of ways to wear it and I got to use her daughter (6 months) to try it out. I did like it and think I could get used to it, for small babies like people have said. I had previously used a front pack of some sort, I don't even remember the brand, it was a hand me down and killed my shoulders! When he was really little I used a sling that I made, which I liked, but he didn't feel very secure. I personally have an Ergo and love it! I had heard people talk about them and seen reviews and was like, man that is cool. Simeon is a big baby and is getting heavy just to carry in my arms, so I needed something. This was about 4 months ago. We stopped at a garage sale and I saw it and I asked the lady there how much it was. She said "Would a dollar be ok?" I was like, ok there must be something majorly wrong with this one. So I tried it on and everything was there and worked fine. Only this is it is slightly stained and bleached, but I could care less. I went home to check a website that says how to tell if you have a real Ergo or a knock off (not that I cared for $1, but wanted to know) and it is real. I use it all the time. At least 2-3 times a day. I now know how to wear Simeon on my back and it works great. I do look forward to him learning to walk so I'm not always having to carry him, because he does get heavy (maybe I am a weakling).Sorry this is so long, but I love telling how I got my Ergo.

    11. I am so jealous! If you ever find another one, you should pick it up for me and I will totally pay you back! Michael would kill me for spending $120+ for a new one, at least until we have a baby.

    12. I loved wearing my Moby wrap when my second one was little. I actually got it really cheap off of Craig's list from someone who never wore it so it was a steal. I will say that the Moby wrap tends to stretch out a bit with use but after a wash its usually as good as new.

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