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Look What I Made!

Peanut Butter Cookies!

I have literally never made peanut butter cookies before.  Well I probably helped my mom make them at some point growing up.

I don’t like peanut butter cookies, or I didn’t last time I tried them, and now I don’t want to try them again.  Nothing good can come from liking another type of dessert!

Anyways, last night Michael brought me home tons of baking stuff because I had been complaining that I couldn’t bake for Christmas.  He also bought me a poinsettia and a rose because he is a sweetie and knows I have been stressed out lately and he loves me.  He remembered everything: flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, brown sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate chips.  He even bought be some yeast in case I wanted to make rolls!  I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to make, and he said peanut butter cookies.  So this morning I did (Hadlee helped.  And by help I mean broke an egg on the counter because she thought cracking an egg meant squeezing it really hard with both hands.  She also dumped flour all over the counter, which I then had to sweep – with my hand not the broom, yuck! – into the bowl because I had no idea how much had dumped on the counter and how much had made it into the bowl, but she had fun, so I guess that is what counts.).

According to Hadlee and Michael they are good.  That made me happy because my chocolate chip cookies tend to be a disaster.  Plus the recipe kept telling me to use an electric mixer, and I don’t happen to own one of those, it is all elbow grease around here!

I used my Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Book, and the recipe happened to be on the website, so I can share it here with you.  The only change I made was that I cooked them for a minute or two longer, because I am always afraid things are not cooked enough.  Oh and I didn’t cool them on a wire rack, because, like an electric mixer, I don’t own one.  I know I did a pretty good job at getting them the right size, because the yield is 36 cookies, and I made 34!


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