Our First Tree

Okay, its not really our FIRST tree, but its our first tree in our new house, and our first tree of the year. Michael put it in the stand last night, and this morning Hadlee and I decorated it (Jordyn was at pre-school – remember they are not my kids so its not cruel that I decorated the tree without Jordyn, she already decorated her own tree!).  Hadlee did a pretty good job, but some parts of the tree seemed to be her favorite and they got more than their fair share of the ornaments.

Hadlee admiring our handiwork.

 Michael told me that was okay with him, and I figured since we had the other tree to decorate it wasn’t THAT mean! Then I talked to him on the phone and he said that I had better not have put the star on top, so I need to go take that down… Ooops! Anyways, here is the tree!


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