End of the Year Resolution Update!

Last year I made a few resolutions.  As expected I failed miserably (again).

-HAVE A BABY – This is my number one goal, but one that I have pretty much no control over.

  • I gave up on this one.  But that is okay, because sometimes you have to let go to move on.

-Lose 10 lbs

  • I actually did lose 5-10 lbs this year.  But then I gained it all back… and then some I think.  I don’t know, Michael won’t let me have a scale because I won’t promise to only use it once a day (scales intrigue me and I tend to weigh myself before and after meals, before and after I go to the bathroom, when my hair is wet vs when it is dry.  I just REALLY like weighing myself.) and I have not been to Goodwill for awhile and remembered to weigh myself on a few different scales so I can see how much I might, possibly, probably weigh.

-Lose 20 lbs

  • Obviously a fail

-Lose 30 lbs

  • Epic fail

-Drink 2 glasses of water a day – Okay I am never going to get to 8 like I am supposed to, so two is a start.

  • Does the water used in making Dr. Pepper count?

-Keep my house clean(er)

  • I have actually been doing pretty good at this!  It isn’t perfect, and probably never will be, because I am a messy person and I serve 3 meals a day, but it is very rarely embarrassing to have people stop by 🙂  I am going to give myself this one!

-Read the New Testament

  • I am about halfway through, but I guess there is still theoretically time to finish before the New Year.

-Read the whole Bible

  • Nope.  Obviously not, and I don’t think I have time to finish this one.

I am probably going to have the same goals next year, maybe with a few new ones and getting rid of one or two.  

Did you make resolutions?  Did you keep them?  Any plans for next year?


2 thoughts on “End of the Year Resolution Update!

  1. I hate new years resolutions. I mostly hate them because very few people actually accomplish them, and then they are depressed come the end of the year. I think I will make a couple/few this year, though. One:Get Gideon basically reading by Kindergarten (not novels, necessarily, but a little less of a struggle than present) Two:Have my business to be AT LEAST entirely self sustaining. Three: Become versed enough in my dulcimer to play Christmas songs, next Christmas. Four: Learn More Sign Language. It may be redundant… but I may do a blog about this after new years. 😉

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