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Review – Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Tropical Traditions sent me a free 32 ounce jar of organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil to review.

I have never used coconut oil, so I don’t really have anything to compare it with, but I can say that it is a HUGE jar!  The ones I have seen at Trader Joe’s are probably about half the size.

I have not used much of it, but I am totally in love, and will be VERY sad when I run out!

I have used it in cooking, and used half coconut oil, half butter to make a sauce, when usually I use just butter.  It turned out great!

I have used it as moisturizer, and it worked wonderfully.  I mean it is OIL so it leaves you a little greasy, but it feels amazing!

I have used it for Oil Pulling, and it worked well.  Hopefully if I continue to do it I can whiten my teeth! There are a couple of things you should know about this oil:

  • It tastes/smells like coconuts.  I have always thought I HATED coconuts, and only really wanted to get this oil because I have heard that coconut oil doesn’t taste like coconuts (this is true to a point – expeller-pressed coconut oil doesn’t have a flavor, virgin coconut oil, made from fresh coconuts, does).  I was very surprised at how much I liked the smell and even the taste (when oil pulling you definitely taste the oil!) when I used this.  Keep this in mind when you are choosing what to use it for as far as cooking goes.
  • It is handmade!  It is made from fresh coconuts, in small batches, by farmers and families.  I think this is awesome!
  • It is (sadly) expensive.  It is about $40 for a 32 ounce jar.  They do put them on sale some times, but it is pretty pricey.  If you think about the fact that it is handmade, organic and NEVER processed on a machine, you can see where the price comes in, but it is still a little much for some budgets.
  • COMING SOON I WILL HAVE A GIVEAWAY OF THIS AWESOME PRODUCT!  I am planning to do a “blogging blitz” (great idea Melissa) for the Twelve Days of Christmas, and one of those days it is going to be a giveaway for your own jar of this wonderful oil!   

Have you used coconut oil?  What is your favorite use for it?


5 thoughts on “Review – Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

  1. I have used coconut oil. I use it for diaper rashes (it is safe to use on cloth diapers). I tried it on my hand to help with my ezcema, didn't really seem to help. I hope to start baking with it soon, as it is healthy.How did you get a free jar? Ask the company?

  2. I never thought about if things were safe for cloth diapers or not, good to know for future reference. I got a free jar because I "like" Tropical Traditions on Facebook, and they posted that they were giving away free jars to bloggers for them to review on their blog. I signed up and was REALLY surprised they accepted me because my blog following is pretty tiny. They also qualified me for a giveaway, which I will put up later, and since you are one of the few people that read my blog on a regular basis, I'm sure you have a great chance of winning 🙂

  3. I have noticed reviews/giveaways of this coconut oil on a lot of blogs recently, I think they are using a lot of their marketing budget on it, which is really cool! Glad I'm not the only coconut hater who like this stuff :)Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, I appreciate it.

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