A VERY Classic Christmas Special!

So in case you didn’t notice yet, I am a Christmas fanatic. 

I love Christmas specials, and record them all (even though I end up with more than I watch…) and watch the “classics” – Rudolph, Frosty, Peanuts, Mickey’s Christmas Carol and a few others – every year.

There is one Christmas special that cannot be watched: The Cinnamon Bear.  I talked a little bit about it in my Christmas Schedule post, but I didn’t really get into it.  You can listen to the first episode right here on my blog (it is technically a video, but there is no video, as this is a radio program), and if you want to listen to the rest they are all on YouTube.

The Cinnamon Bear is an old radio program from the 1930’s.  It is about two kids who go on an imaginative adventure to find their silver star for the top of the Christmas tree.

For an AWESOME post about this wonderful program, you should definitely read  And Here’s The Cinnamon Bear.  I am just going to be talking about my personal Cinnamon Bear experience, not the story and history. I don’t really remember NOT listening to The Cinnamon Bear.  As a child my grandma bought us the recording on cassette, and we would listen to them during the Christmas season.  You are supposed to listen to one a day, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I don’t think that we ever got to the end.  I still am not sure I have ever heard the end, but I think this year I will finally finish it! From the time I was 17 (when I didn’t live with my parents anymore) until last year I didn’t really listen to it, except when I randomly found it on the radio one year and listened to an episode.  A couple years ago I tried to get the little boy I baby-sat to listen to it, but he didn’t seem to care.  Last year I listened to a good number of episodes while I was doing my Christmas baking, but I didn’t really pay that much attention, or finish the series. This year is different!  The little girls I baby-sit don’t actually seem to be paying that much attention, although they do talk about how the naughty dragon stole the silver star and that is SOOOO naughty!  They are however VERY excited about it.  We listen to it during lunch, and everyday they ask me:  Can we listen to the Cinnamon Bear now?  I think it is pretty great!  They are like SHHHH we have to be quiet so we can hear!  Today I couldn’t get it to play and they were pretty disappointed.  Since there are 26 episodes and I only have 20 days with them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have been doubling up some days.  You would think 20-25 minutes of silence would be something three year olds would abhor, but no, they ask for another episode!

When I was at lunch with my grandparents my grandpa asked if I was listening to the Cinnamon Bear with the girls, because apparently a local radio station is playing it every afternoon and he thought the girls should listen.  I love that it is such a family tradition, and even though I don’t have a family (yet) I can still pass on the love to the kids I baby-sit. What are some Christmas traditions in your family?    


5 thoughts on “A VERY Classic Christmas Special!

  1. What a fun tradition…and isn't it amazing how these timeless classics still warm our hearts today? I am cancelling Weekend Link Up party for a season to spend more time with my family, but I'll be by from time to time to comment. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. It’s always great to meet other Christmas fanatics. 🙂 You might also be interested in my own Christmas character Jill Chill. I am planning to relaunch her in the near future but here is her old website: I’m currently working on a comic book mini series about America. The second issue is about our little known Godly roots.

    God bless!

    – Ed

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