To Make-Up or Not To Make-Up… That Is An Irrelevant Question

I got a free sample of BB Cream in the mail.  Because a few weeks ago I spent WAY to much time one Saturday filling out requests for free samples.  I decided that I should see what difference make-up makes in how I look by doing half my face first, then doing the other half after I took a picture.  Since I like to post on my blog, but often times don’t know what to post, I figured that I may as well share the pictures here.  
I took some of these pictures in the mirror, and some of them without the mirror, hence why the made-up side of my face seems to change.  But these are all from the same day/time.
In this picture I feel like my eye changed shape when I put the make-up on it, that is really the only difference I see.

Again, the eye seems to look totally different on the made-up eye.

In this one the color appears to be a little off, because I assure you, that for all the skin problems I have, green skin is not one of them.  The pink under my eyes is covered pretty well by the BB Cream.

I think the made-up sign looks WAY better.  But most days I am much to lazy to put on make-up to sit at home with a bunch of kids.

What do you think of my experiment?  Do you wear make-up on a regular basis?  Why or why not?


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