Honesty is the Best Policy

Today I received a package in the mail from The Disney Store.  I had ordered some Christmas presents and was happy they arrived without delay.  Of course as soon as the kids left (some of the presents are for the kids I baby-sit) I dug into my package.  I had ordered two play sets, one for each of the girls, but when I started pulling things out, they had sent me two of EACH of the sets I had ordered.

Of course part of me wanted to just keep them, or worse return them to a brick and mortar Disney Store and buy some more Christmas presents with store credit.  But my mother raised me to be honest and not steal, even if people don’t know about it, and I try to emulate that.  I always (except once at Costco – I had toilet paper on the bottom of my cart, and I told the guy unloading the cart about it.  But when we got out of the store, somehow the cart unloader, the cashier, and the receipt checker had all missed the toilet paper.  It was pouring down rain outside, seriously flooding in other parts of town, and I didn’t want to go through the downpour and back into the mad house that is Costco.  Obviously I still feel bad about this toilet paper theft or I would have forgotten about it by now.)  try to make sure that I don’t steal, even if I don’t realize I did it until I am out of the store.  So I called up Disney Store, and told them about the mistake and asked if I needed to send them back or what they wanted me to do.  She said she would just note it on the account and I could keep them, since they were not big ticket items!  She also thanked me for my honesty, which is always nice. 

I am not going to return them, because that is still probably stealing, so instead I will donate them.  I like to get those gift tags off the trees at the store anyways, and these will make good gifts.  Plus its kind of “pay it forward-y”.  Disney was nice to me, so I am passing it on to other people.  

I am not trying to “flaunt” my honesty (or generosity) by posting this, indeed I have considered not posting it, because I don’t want to be prideful.  Obviously I am not saying, “Hey I am a great person!” since I admitted to having to CHOOSE to do the right thing when I was tempted to do the wrong thing, without anyone knowing.  I just thought it was a good story, with a happy ending, and wanted to share. 


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