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Christmas Around the World

When I was little my mom did Christmas Around the World.  Which is basically like the Tupperware of Christmas.  You hosted parties and earned discounted and/or free products.  I LOVED looking at the catalogs and the stuff my mom got.  Which was a lot, because my mom LOVES Christmas (something she passed on to me).  Imagine my surprise when I tried to look it up so I could host my own Christmas Around the World parties and found out that as of 2002 the company no longer exists.  That was sad news.  Well, until I remembered that I only have like two friends and they are as poor as I am, so my parties would have been pathetic.

Here are pictures of some of the stuff I remember.  Because I am NOTHING if not nostalgic.

If I remember correctly this wreath makes music and is really heavy.
This teapot most definitely makes music.  Also if you see on the spout where there is a little nub, that is where a sign used to hang.  I know this because ours broke off numerous times.  This was a favorite and it was plastic so it got picked up a lot.  I am 99% sure that my mom’s is broken beyond repair now.
An angel tea light holder
Nothing says Christmas like dinosaurs!
An awesome toothbrush holder
My favorite thing ever.  It is a nativity set made of durable plastic so we were allowed to play with it.  Actually I should buy one of these off ebay.  They are awesome!


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