The Schedule – Christmas Edition

This year the girls I baby-sit are three.  I feel like they are old enough to appreciate Christmas activities this year.  So since I have lots of kids Christmas books and movies, I am going to schedule our days.  Usually I like to have a schedule but I have been slacking on it lately.  But in order to get through all of my Christmas media with the girls I will have to be on top of things!

There are 20 days that I will have the kids at my house before Christmas.  In that time there are 26 episodes of The Cinnamon Bear, 23 Christmas movies, 20 kid’s Christmas books, and 6 chapter books (or 75 chapters) to enjoy.  Plus the Christmas specials on television.

8:00 – breakfast
8:30 – get dressed and ready
9:00 – watch a Christmas episode/special, feed the baby
9:30 – baby naps, girls play, Rachel cleans, then plays (Christmas activities on Mondays
          and Fridays)
11:00- read a kid’s Christmas book, and The Story of Christmas (I want to read that
          everyday because its the important part of Christmas!)
11:30- learning time (flash cards, work books), board game
12:00- lunch/listen to Cinnamon Bear
12:30- Christmas movie, then read 3-5 chapters.
2:30 – naptime

They don’t usually watch movies everyday, usually we have “popcorn parties” on Friday, and I put on some old TV show (I Love Lucy most of the time) while I feed the baby in the morning. 

I guess we will have to go on a screen fast after the holidays! 


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