Why Wife, Then Mama?

  • I have been having trouble sleeping for awhile now.  Not like hardcore insomnia, just having a hard time shutting off and going to sleep.  And staying asleep past 8:30.  Stupid internal clock.

  • A few days ago I found out that I will receive a free sample of something to review on my blog (I am not going to tell what it is yet).  I also somehow qualified to do a giveaway of the product.  

Those two facts together gave me a thought.   Or rather the second fact gave me a thought, the first fact gave me lots of time to dwell on it.  I should grow my blog.  Giveaways are great at building recognition for a blog.  But “Bubbles” was very non-descript.  I can’t build a following without a premise.  So last night I thought up some names.

Some that I thought of were:
Joyful Mothering/Joyfully Mothering – based on the post about mothering not necessarily having to be done by mothers.  But I thought that was a little misleading, and didn’t really cover the infertility stuff.
Childless/Childfree Mother/Mothering – Kind of sounds more depressing than it is, like I have lost children.
Joyful Unmother – Sounds like I hate kids.
Mother-In-Waiting – Sounds like mother-in-law, or like a servant.

Finally I landed on Wife, Then Mama.  I was going to choose Wife, Then Mother, but Mama sounds sweeter.  I like it because it fits, it isn’t misleading, and it doesn’t sound depressing.  I am a wife, and I aspire to be a mother.  Someday when I have children I will still be a wife first, and a mother second.  I feel that it is very important to nurture your husband/wife relationship once you have kids, because in 18 years you don’t want to be sitting across the table from a stranger.  I feel like it allows me to talk about all the topics I already talk about, without straying to far from my theme.


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