15 Minutes – In the Playroom

Messy, messy, messy!  I hate making beds.  Seriously, wait until you see the before and after in my bedroom.  Its appalling. 
I like to have the girls clean up after themselves, but sometimes I don’t notice the mess until I am tucking them in for nap, so I end up cleaning it myself later.  Or leaving it until I remember to have them do it.
Much better!  *side note – notice the missing curtains?  I took them down to wash them (as I have with all the curtains in the house) and when I got them out of the washer (I used cold water) they were melted into a big ball.  So now there are no curtains* I ❤ these quilts!  Michael’s mom got them for me for my birthday, and I adore them! 
Hadlee was playing while I cleaned.  But doesn’t it look so much more tidy and pleasant now?  I didn’t finish in 15 minutes.  I still had to vacuum and put a box in the closet.  But this is after 15 minutes.


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